Friday, April 25, 2008

Folk voice a woman

Dulari Devi 80 years old Dalits and her mentally challenged son chirkut 40 years old lives in village kaluwa Kaura Akbarpur, Ambedkar nager are suffering from hunger and marginalized from the Government facilities.

Dulari Devi 80 years old widow of late Saddu died seven eight years ago. Dulari Devi lives with her abnormal son Chirkut 40 years old in village Kaluwa Kaura Akbarpur, Ambedkar nager. Dulari Devi is the head of the family and there is no other source of income time. They are landless and living in the thatched roof, which can fall at anytime.

She have Antodaya Anya card (AAY) card but from last seven month her name was deleted from AAY card by village panchayat officer. Dulari Devi is not getting old age pension in which 1800 Rupees given by the Government to old age person. She begs in the village and to fetch her son and from last four months she is sick and unable to beg she sit outside her house and live on the pitiness of the villager.

When PVCHR grass root activist of Tanda Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh came to know about her and intervene in this case and media ETV and UP news aired 45-minutes programme on it. Then DM of Ambedkar Nager ordered Block Development officer to enquire and provide assistance to this family then village panchayat officer gave 25 kg rice and 25 kg of wheat and 500 Rupees to Dulari Devi. Her name is also send for AAY card and for the allotment of room Indira Awas Yojana.

Chief Medical officer send doctors to Kaluwa Kaura for the free medical treatment of Dulari Devi and her abnormal son.

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